My Approach to teaching art is very relaxed, fun and focuses on guiding people to develop their own style to express themselves through their own eyes. My tuition includes mentoring in all media.

2 hours each week for 5 weeks $420
2 hours each week for 10 weeks $760*
*Take advantage of our 10 week discounted price!

Classes are paid for in advance. Cash Only.
All materials and equipment are included except canvas.

Private tuition is conducted at the studio for those seeking more in-depth guidance.

Costs is $130 for 2 hours and all materials included except for canvas. There are no set weeks to attend however a minimum of three is suggested to fully open your potential.

Group Sessions Private Tuition
  Mon - Fri 9am - 11am   Mon - Fri 9am - 11am
    4pm - 6 pm     1pm - 3pm
  Sat 2pm - 4pm