Australian born, January 1972, with a Hungarian heritage, I have been painting for 22 years- professionally for 6 years. My trademark and specialisation is that of strong colours, well worked textural application of the paint, the utilisation of ground bronze and copper in the final stages to complete the artwork. My formal training was developed during my studies in Art and Design at Swinburne technology and a diploma for Interior Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Melbourne Victoria.

My inspiration comes from many different areas and people. A strong one in particular would be growing up on the Boulevard in Kew which was 7km from Melbourne, yet the back yard was the Yarra River and bush landscapes. This juxtaposition creates images in my mind which I then translate onto canvas. I rarely take photos and copy images directly onto the canvas. Instead I occasionally use photo’s to inspire me or I combine the image in my mind, which is more abstract than real and this coupled with a realistic photo can create a wonderful painting full of rich colour and form.

I am inspired and extremely fascinated by natural phenomenon like volcanoes, icebergs, glaciers and bushfires. Other places that motivate me to paint images with movement and texture is the beach. Overall the colours in my paintings create an expression of mood, peace, humour and power. Some also child like, with bright textural images of days spent on the beach both as a child and also during my adult years.